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Welcome to the official website of Katerina Ragaza, your dedicated legal advocate in Chania, Crete. With a strong commitment to justice and a wealth of legal experience, we are here to serve your legal needs. Whether you require defense in a criminal case, guidance in family matters, assistance in real estate transactions, or counsel for your business, Katerina Ragaza and her team are ready to stand by your side. Explore our website to learn more about our services and contact us for personalized legal support.

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Our Legal Services

Estate & Inheritance Law

Our office has experience in dealing with inheritance matters and estates concerning assets in Greece.

Real Estate & Property Law

With a view to establish a relationship of trust, we advise our domestic and international clients on the purchase of real estate in various areas of Greece.

Family Law

With respect to the sensitive area of our clients & personal life and the difficulties they face, we are at their side to advise, guide and assert their rights in every family law issue that concerns them.

Golden Visa Program

Introduced by the Greek Government in 2014 (Law 4251/2014 ) the Golden Visa Program, ,one of the most successful programs in Europe, enables non –EU citizens and their family members to acquire permanent residence permit in Greece.

Business & Corporate Law

Our office provides consultation for the decision of appropriate company types assessing your needs.

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